Escape Artists Escape Artists Happy Harry One happy Harry Houdini, the man who started it all! 101183251 Burn it Harry's in the Electric Chair 101183252 In the can Houdini's famous milk can escape 101183253 Intense You have to concentrate 101183254 Fanfarlo video shoot A snap of Roslyn Walker during the filming of a music video for Fanfarlo in August 2009. 101430410 Just hanging around Roslyn Walker dangling high above the streets from a Victorian steam powered crane in May 2010. 101430411 Alexanderia the Great The Queen of Extreme 107574820 Alexanderia the Great UW Specializing in the most daring and extreme escapes. 107574895 The Underwater Cell (UC) Alex in the Underwater Cell (UC). With the Underwater Cell (UC) unless the prisoner escapes there is a death sentence with no chance for appeal. 107575014 Murray Poster for Murray Walters, "The Great Murray" 114982378 Murray 1 Murray (2nd from right) examining challenge cuff. 130768483 Murray 2 Murray (2nd from right) being handcuffed. 130768484 Murray 3 Murray (far left) outside a police station. 130768485 The Escape Artist (film) Poster for the film, "The Escape Artist." 130768486 Stock Poster Art Stock escape artist poster for a performer called, "Excello." 130768487 Willie Sutton Okay, Willie Sutton was NOT a performer, but the 1930s 'gentleman bank robber' kept the press entertained with his real-life prison breaks. 130768488 Curtis Lovell II Curtis Lovell II - CUFFED 150231183 Murray Murray examining a handcuff - publicity still 169310649 Hardeen - Milk Can 169310650 Tom Jack 1 Tom Jack, "The Ice King," albino escapologist. 169310651 Tom Jack 2 169310652 Tom Jack 3 169310653 Tom Jack 4 German poster 169310654 Marlo One of Australias' leading Escape Artists 169322032 Roslyn Walker - Milk Can @ North Wales Pride 2014 The summer of 2014 saw Roslyn perform the Milk Can Escape for the first time. Here's a shot from one of those performances at North Wales Gay pride 2014. 195858663 Roslyn Walker - SJ Clown 2014 saw Roslyn Walker change his image. Here he is performing the straitjacket on the streets of Bradford complete with clown nose. 195858664 Buserval 2014 - Colwyn Bay Colwyn Bay is a very small town in North Wales and this shot was taken at 10:30am on Sunday morning. The people you can see in this shot are literally all the people that were in town that day (with the exception of the photographer of course). 195858665 Roslyn Walker & Foxee Stole 2014 A shot taken back stage after our first performance as a double act. 195859175 Roslyn Walker - Barrel Escape 2011 In the summer of 2011 Roslyn Walker was locked inside an old beer barrel... And yes he also got out. 195859176 Roslyn Walker - Clown Face 2014 Roslyn Walker in full clown make-up. But this is no kid's show! 195859177 Roslyn Walker - Conwy Pirate Weekend 2014 Awesome audience at Conwy Pirate Weekend 2014... They even gave a mass thumbs up! 195859178 Roslyn Walker - Street Clown 2014 In mid-street performing mode at the Escape for Life event in Bradford. 195859179 Roslyn Walker - Cases Publicity Shot Roslyn Walker promo shot from 2014. 195859180 Roslyn Walker - Walking on His Hands! Old street gag... Need we say more? 195859181