Escapes for Teens Escapes for Teens Shanghai Shackle Frank Pazel's creation in Qua-Fiki's Creative Hands. 102839396 Single Rope Escapes Qua-Fiki demonstrates the "Sandwich Tie" among others. 102839397 Stepladder Revenge This time the Escape Artist Qua-Fiki takes revenge on the assistant who is always tying him up in these situations. 102839398 Lumberjack Straitjacket Teens don't often get a chance to work with a real straitjacket, so Qua-Fiki makes one from an oversized lumberjack shirt and a lot of duct tape. 102839399 Torture Yoke Qua-Fiki explores the ins and outs of the old Torture Yoke Escape. 102840353 Cardboard Broom Box Escape Poke broomsticks into the box where the Escape Artist is tied up and he might just disappear! 161943982 Brooms of Doom A new way to do the 100 foot rope escape and clean up at the same time. 161943983 Torture Yokes for Sale In his spare time, Qua-Fiki makes Torture Yokes for other Escape Artists. 161943984 Spirit Tie A variation of Frank Gysel's Chair tie for seances. 199448098 Making a Bag Escape Qua-Fiki's first BIG escape was from a great big bag he sewed himself, and pounded in all the grommets on his own. 199448134