Cannons 2005 Cannons 2005 Hanging Around Upside down straitjacket escape 200668309 Professor Elliot Plunger act 200668310 Robert Baxt Emcee 200668311 Cliff and Ian Examining cuffs 200668312 Anthony Martin Water Barrel Escape 200668313 Mark Logsden 100 Foot Rope 200668314 A willing waitress Would soon lead to a mis-adventure 200668315 Houdini Caged 200668316 Cliff and Joe Who is taller? 200668317 Cliff and Dean 200668319 Kristen Johnson Boy, can she pick 'em 200668320 Straitjacket contest 200668321 Living illusions Gypsy Tie 200668322 Silver Cuffs Award Mr. Escape, Steve Baker 200668323