Alexanderia The Great Alexanderia The Great Alexanderia The Great Promo Pic Media Alexanderia the Great Promo pic with media listed NBC Today Show & America's Got Talent CBS Evening News, Fox & Friends World Record, PBS Greater Boston, ABC Australia & Science for Redesign My Brain and many other local TV shots. 203770121 Alex & The Great Houdini 203770122 Alex on AGT Radio City Music Hall Alex live on AGT doing the Underwater Cell (UC). Escaped from a strait jacket secured with 25 feet of chains and 5 padlocks and then locked in an underwater cell with a 6th padlock all in full view. 203770123 Alex on the Today Show My story on NBC's Today Show 203770125 The Underwater Leap of Faith on AGT 203770126 Alexanderia the Great collage of escapes 203770127 Amy & Alex on the Today Show on NBC 203770128 Fox & Friends World Record Attempt 203770129 Alex and Strait Jackets 203770130 Alex collage on Escapes 203770131 Alex and Teller 203770132 Alex on the Set of Redesign My Brain w/ Todd Sampson Highest rated Science Show in Australia TV history 203770133 Alex on Fox & Friends Mom is a Modern Day Houdini 203770134 Alexanderia the Great Hanging Out at the Pool 203770135 Alex Doing Her Frozen Underwater Cell 203770136 Were the Chains Tight? Alex on the Today Show Results of doing a chain strait jacket escape live on NBC's Today Show outside 30 Rock 203770137 Alex AGT Collage 203770138 Alex Can't Come to the Phone She is Tied up 203770139 UC on AGT Live 203770140 Alex Doing her Airless Escape Today Show 203770141 Alexanderia the Great on the cover of IBM's Linking Ring Proud moment for this female escape artist to get the cover of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Linking Ring magazine 203770142 Alex on The CBS Evening News National coverage of my story on the CBS Evening News 203770143